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* This record is primarily and instrumental piece with the exception of two songs that contain lyrics.

Bells All Over The World

(Phil Biggs/Michael Crittenden)

©2003 Mackinaw Harvest Music(BMI)/One World Music(ASCAP)


I waited and listened that magical night

And tried to believe with all of my might

Falling snow in an apron of steam

The old locomotive appeared like a dream

It was just like a dream


Waving his arm like the branch of a tree

The conductor,  he whispered to me

(he said)

“Believe what the heart tells the eyes”

You just might be surprised


You can hear them ring

But you must try

Bells all over the World


Within the reaches of my mind

Silver bell so hard to find

Though it may seem lost or locked away

Your love is in my heart (to stay)

It’s in my heart to stay. (Believe in the heart)


You can hear them ring

But you must try

Bells all over the World

Burgundy Box  - Michael B. Crittenden

©2004 Mackinaw Harvest Music (BMI)


Frosting on the windshield

Cold leather seat

Start it up and change it to defrost

instead of heat

Pullin’ from this parking lot

My heart beating fast

Cuz I just told a perfect stranger that I found the one at last


They wrapped it up in a burgundy box

I can keep a secret


There’s a ring in my pocket and nobody knows it……….but me.


Now it’s in my dresser

Almost a week

And every time a friend drops by

I try not to leak it

First I told my folks

Then I told my friends

Then the GE Repairman

Sealed lips ‘til the end


I put it back in the burgundy box

Can you keep a secret?


There’s a ring in my dresser and everyone knows it……but you.


Sitting on the sofa

It’s Christmas eve.

Maybe we should open up

Just one gift before you leave?

Reached it from behind me

Almost spilled my wine

She open up the burgundy box one last time


I’ve never seen someone shine so bright

she wrapped her arms around me


There’s a ring on your finger

And it’s much more beautiful

than I remember


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